Binary 115

The Oath Binary wheel is a twin star, light weight hollow core design. It has a recessed core to allow for a deeper, taller urethane that gives a plusher cushioned feel on those big drops. Fitted with our high grade Oath Fidelity bearings, with the right blend and speed and durability.


115 x 30mm

  • HEIGHT: 115mm
  • WIDTH: 30mm
  • BEARING CORE: 30mm
  • COMPATIBLE: Fits Oath Shadow/Spinal forks & 30mm compatible forks.
  • WEIGHT: 290g / 10.2oz

Item No:
4894852533726 – Black/Blue
4894852533719 – Black/Orange
4894852533733 – Black/Purple
4894852533740 – Gold/Titanium
9320430533757 – Red/Titanium


Color : Black/Blue
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